Friday, October 1, 2010


The projects at my parents home are getting closer and closer to being done (and ready to show off). Things that we learned? When dealing with 20 year old plumbing, be prepared for the worst to happen. Oh, and it did happen! I don't have photographic proof, who has time to take photos when the water is going sky high? But not only did the on/off valves not hold and needed to all be replaced, one of them in the bathroom really broke apart! We had to remove the copper compression ring on that one to repair it properly, and if you have ever had to do that, then you know that it's not easy or fun.

So, what should have been an easy switch turned into quiet the project. Here's a little video of how things should have gone had we not had to do so many other things to the rest of the plumbing! We think that Delta Faucets are easy to install, and have really loved working with them.

I can't wait to show you all the finished project though! We are so close to being ready for the after shots. What is on your to do list this weekend? Are you doing any DIY projects in your home?

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