Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally, a new bed frame!

A few years ago we bought a bed frame that we loved. It had a padded leather headboard, foot board, and side rails. It was great, until it completely fell apart, leaving us with our bed being held up by BOOKS!

As you can tell, the books weren't always great at holding the bed frame up either. We just replaced it with the Chunky Wood Bed Frame from West Elm. It's one of many improvements that we are making to our master bedroom. Right now we are doing a "mini-makeover" of sorts to upgrade the space. We don't want to be like so many, where it's the room that is left for last.

The way this room looks (from the West Elm website) is very much my style for a dream bed room! Our bedframe, though the same as in the room, is the chocolate version to match the rest of our furniture.

A beautiful room to sleep in, and start the day in, is something that can really make a difference! Stay tuned for updates as we progress.

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