Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting Spooky!

Halloween is just around the corner, and the house is almost completely decked out for the holiday.
If Baby looks worried, it's because she is confused by the leg behind her. It's part of a Halloween decoration in the works, as you can see, it's a witch's leg. She is also a bit concerned because a lot of the time and attention she usually gets has been diverted away from her onto my other project. Handmade Halloween ornaments.
After 8 years of being relatively ornament-less, I decided it was time for our Halloween tree to get an upgrade. Making these ornaments from felt, embossing thread, and cute Trick-Or-Treat ribbon has been a lot of fun. Even if they do take quiet a bit of time. I'll be sure to post the finished tree soon.

Is it getting spooky in your house?


  1. I just love the photos of your dog...reminds me a lot of my Yorkie-poo, Riley.

    Can't wait to see how these ornaments turn out!

  2. Just found your blog through Krystina at Cup A hot chocolate and I'm SO glad I did! Your little puppers and your blog are adorable! We just finished making our home spooky and I can't wait to see a pic of your finished tree!



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