Saturday, December 3, 2011

The room of shame.

Please tell me you have a "room of shame" in your home too. A junk room, a catch-all room, a clutter magnet, whatever you would like to call it, we have one. No matter what I try to do, our laundry room seems to collect all the things that don't have a permanent home, or are on the way to other spaces. As you will see, right now it is at it's all time WORST, and doing laundry is nearly impossible.

In the middle of the room, taking up the bulk of the space, are shelves and items that actually belong in my husband's office, but have yet to make their way into it. Then there is the headboard, a project in progress. Oh yes, and of course there is the washer and dryer, a rack to hang clothes on (that is, as you can see, falling apart a bit), and a whole bunch of other things filling the room to the brim.

What you can't see is that there are actually shelves that are nicely organized on that back wall. This room is so completely opposite of the other spaces in our home that I can hardly believe it's in our house!

Do you have a "room of shame" too?


  1. Sadly I have a house of shame. I just can't get it together! Working little by little to get it together.

    1. As long as you are working on it though, that is what matters. :)

  2. Yes, mine sadly is part of our bedroom. It's where everything that is "homeless" ends up and part of it is boxes from when we moved that just never got unpacked. I hate it but I'm so busy I never have time to go through it all.

  3. I love Rachee's honesty. I too have a house of shame :(

  4. I have a house of shame too, I try to get neat and organized, but it just doesn't seem to happen for me, ever! It is very frustrating, I go through it, get rid of things and then collect more! I'm out of control!

  5. My house is uber-organized and tidy....except for my laundry room! Which I seriously could never show ANYONE! It's such a mess you can hardly walk on the floor or open the dryer!

    ...and yet the rest of my house is freakishly clean and organized!

  6. Makes me feel better about myself knowing that not EVERY corner of your house is beautiful and organized. We're all a little messy sometimes and that's okay :)


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