Saturday, January 28, 2012

IKEA inspiration!

Have you visited the IKEA website lately? It had been some time from my last visit, but since we are in the market for a new headboard and bedding I wanted to see what they had. What I found was awesome! Not only did they have tons of fun items, but they have rooms that you can get inspired by too. Here is a screencap of my favorite:
Since our room is pretty small, I love the idea of adding storage on the side of the bed. Currently we have nightstands, but I really love the way the tall closets on the side look. It also has me thinking of alternatives to the idea of a traditional headboard.

The bedding and the rug are favorites as well. The overall color scheme is really relaxing and pretty, without being too gender specific too (perfect for a married couple's room).

I have to say, exploring sites and getting ideas put together for our little mini-makeover sure is fun! What do you think about the room in the picture?

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