Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo Wednesday: Fresh Flowers

While traveling in Russia there were many things that were new and different, but there was something that really surprised me! The fresh flowers! Not only were they HUGE, and so inexpensive for us to buy, but they were everywhere. In the metro station, at the kiosks, and on the tables of those we lived with.

I was only 18 when I went to Russia for the summer, way back in 1993, but I made a promise to myself that when I was "grown up" and had my own home I would make sure that it always had fresh flowers in it.

In the summer we cut flowers from our garden, but in the winter when the garden is sleeping, we have to purchase our fresh flowers. Luckily beautiful flowers are available all year long.

What about your home? Do you enjoy having fresh flowers on your table?


  1. I love having them too. It isn't something I do very often though, but I would like to do it more. Good point about using flowers from the garden. Kind of wondering why I didn't think of that! Silly.

  2. Always fresh flowers!! They make such a huge difference in the home! Love your blog!!

  3. I love those fresh flowers, great for indoors and outdoors with wood fence installation LA


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