Thursday, March 8, 2012

Paper Coterie

Paper Coterie was one of the great sponsors at ALT Summit this year. In addition to the amazing journal they included in the gift box, they also included a gift card to be used at their shop. With so many fun options it was really hard to choose just one thing to buy! However, I thought it would be really fun to make a journal featuring our adorable pooch!

 They have pet themed items, so it made it very easy to put together. What you can't see in the photo is that the collar has a tag hanging down and her name is on the tag. I was so surprised to open my box and find an adorable necklace as a "thank you" for being a new customer.

Great service, fair prices, and going the extra mile? Paper Coterie wins on all three. If you are ever looking to make some personalized gifts, check them out.

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  1. That site is expensive.

    Almost $40 plus shipping for a cardboard box?!?!


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