Thursday, May 12, 2011

Summer Project

We haven't been doing much to our home, but that doesn't mean there aren't things on our wish list! One thing that we really want to do is build a built-in style entertainment center for our family room. Ideally this space would become like a home theater room, with plenty of space for playing Kinect and Wii games too of course. We love our video games in this house!

Our family room is an odd duck, with windows and doors on the best walls for putting a television. It's also a room that is longer than it is wide, and on the VERY best wall for a TV there is a fireplace that was placed off center. A truly odd room.

First things first of course, pricing out materials and tools that we will need. Once we get that figured out, we will know if we can move forward or not. I hope we can because I see all kinds of fun possibilities for the shelves that will flank the side of the fireplace.

I can't believe this photo (found online) of a built in around a fireplace because it is very close to what we are thinking of doing. Minor differences, but this really will give you an idea of what we plan to do (our TV is larger, and deeper so it will sit lower and come out into the room further). We would also put shelving all the way around the fireplace, not leave space like in this photo, but it's still a very close idea.

Do you have any big projects in your summer plans?

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