Thursday, May 5, 2011


HELP! Weeds have taken over the garden!

Spring is my favorite time of year, but this spring has been unusually cold and wet. We have had snow as recently as Saturday, and we still have freezing temperatures at night. This means that for all our hard work in the fall, the weeds are taking over the garden this spring. As you can see, without that curbing you wouldn't even know when the lawn stopped and the flower bed began!

This weekend holds the promise for warmer weather, fingers crossed, because I really need to get out there and do something about all these weeds.

Otherwise, we haven't been doing much around the house project wise. Actually, we have been spending almost all of our time visiting my SIL at the hospital as she recovers from surgery to remove a brain tumor. She is doing very well in her recovery, and actually gets to come home today.

What is it like in your part of the world? Do you have spring time weather yet?

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