Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Penny tile trend?

I went to a home show with a friend last week so we could gawk at all the opulence in a home that topped 17,000 sq. feet! The indoor pool, complete with a slide, looked particularly inviting. The master bathroom with two toilets seemed like a fine idea (though I prefer how I have seen it done in the past, with actual separate his and her bathrooms). All the bedrooms had themes, and I noticed another trend too, penny tiles!

The above shower was in a garden themed room, which also had this same pattern on the tub surround. There were also glass, above the counter, sinks that were pink and in the shape of flowers. They really went all out on the theme.
More penny tiles on the walls of this shower in a bathroom that had a river theme. The floor was rock tile. Although there were a lot of different tile types throughout, penny tiles seemed to take center stage. And last but not least, the sink and faucet from the mountain room:

Do you attend home shows? It's always a fun way to get ideas and inspiration for home designs!

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  1. We just put glass penny rounds in our shower surround. Trust me, with all the pretty tile out there, it was difficult to pick just one.



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