Thursday, June 30, 2011

Project Closet: Part 1

I fully intended to tackle our master bedroom closet back in April. Then life got in the way with more important things and the project got pushed to the back burner. Now that things are settling back into a more regular schedule it's time to revisit the closet! The challenges:
  • Shared closet with my husband. 
  • Basic closet, nothing special about the layout. It's rods with a shelf above them.
  • A window occupies one wall.
  • Even though it is a walk in, it's a small walk in (narrow).
First things first, I am looking long and hard at our clothing collection. Because we live in the mountains we never actually put our winter clothes away for the summer. After all, you might need a sweatshirt for a night of stargazing! So, making space for all season clothing is a must.

Clothing that no longer fits, or was never a favorite has been donated to the local charity. No need to keep things we don't love and use. Shoes too! Quiet a bit of my husband's clothing went into storage (he is the pack rat in the relationship).

Second challenge is storing our winter bedding. There really isn't another spot to keep it, so it hangs out in the closet. I figure there has to be a better way to address it. Really anything has to be better than piling it on top of my baskets or having it find it's way to the floor of the closet.

Stay tuned for magic to happen! :) Oh yes, and I should mention that my budget is a whopping $0!!

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