Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30 Bags in 30 Days

Even though summer has only really started here, the days are getting shorter and fall is right around the corner. With that comes a need to declutter and dejunk our house. I've decided to give myself a challenge to get rid of 30 trash bags of stuff in 30 days, 1 bag per day.

Now, since I am already quiet a clutter buster, I hope that I am not overshooting with my goal of 30 bags, but I have a feeling that once I get going (especially if I can get hubby on board with letting go of some of his stuff) we will be able to meet the goal. My fingers are crossed that most of the bags will be headed towards our local charity and not the landfill.

If you would like to join the fun please do! Feel free to begin your 30 days anytime you feel inspired to do so, or at the start of August (or any other month) if that is easier. If you decide to join in I would love to know about it! Feel free to use the little graphic I made too!


  1. Yes, Yes, Yes! With my home style updates, I'm really going through stuff (but really just re-locating to a Garage Sale pile and a Goodwill pile). But I am throwing away, recycling as needed.

    My little 7-year old girl is doing better about getting rid of some of her "stuff" (which really means it's way too young for her now). I find myself grabbing stuff when she's not looking and tossing it.

  2. Awesome Tammy! :) Glad you will be joining the fun, and your little girl too. Best to teach them young (my folks did).


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