Friday, July 15, 2011

A new quilt!

For my birthday I bought something I had been thinking about for awhile now. A quilt! While I have always admired quilts, and the skill that it takes to create one, I have never owned a quilt. That all changed when I ordered this quilt from Urban Outfitters.
What I like is that there is an exotic flavor to the squares, and I also really love the design of square quilts. It was also not overly frilly, which I thought would be great for a shared bedroom. After all, my husband actually cares about what goes on design wise in the house (unlike those lucky girls who have husbands who don't even notice painted walls)!

I got it hoping it would add a lot of "pop" to our otherwise plain room. Sadly it just didn't look right with anything else we had in there, furniture included. So, it's going to make an amazing snuggle blanket for our theater room. In fact, it looks so good on our beanbag and couches that you would think I planned it to be there all along!


  1. Love the colours! Great that you have found a use for it.

  2. That is so cute! I LOVE Urban Outfitters....and what a lovely pattern it has!

  3. Your colors are interesting but it's a rather ordinary quilt. I hope next time you explore finding/buying an art quilt that not only uses the color you want ... but ties your entire room together with a fantastic design that pops when you walk in the room. I don't have my quilts online.

    Here is a link to an incredible red & white quilt show I went to this spring - 1 woman's collection of more than 600 quilts on display at the New York City armory ... just a few photos here,


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