Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From overheated to frozen!

Our home's layout presents it's own unique set of challenges. Truth be told, we would never buy this type of home again, even though we do love our home, it's just not the best layout for many reasons. Number one reason? Heating and cooling!

Since our home is a 4 level split, we don't get the great airflow that you get in two level homes. Walk into our home in the summer and chances are you might catch cold in our family room, while sweating like a piglet in our upper rooms like the bedroom. The reverse is true in the winter, with our upper level being quiet cold, our middle level being just right, and the family room level still being super cold. There is just no way to get the temperatures right across so many small levels.

We have been trying to figure out a good way to fix the problem, but as of yet have been stumped. There is not a way to add an air return on our upper floor, so I don't think we can do much to fix the issue. Luckily we did install ceiling fans in the two rooms (except the one our bird lives in of course, that would be downright dangerous)!

I know that ceiling fans often get a bad rap on HGTV, but for so many of us they are completely functional and a must have! Our master bedroom came with a ceiling fan that is not our taste, but we are glad to have it (and it has a remote). I would love to replace it with a look more like this, but with a light not just a fan:

What about your home? Do you have challenges that are unique to the style and layout of the home you live in?


  1. Well - on days like the ones we've had this summer, it's not possible to get cool enough!

    I agree, fans are so functional!

  2. We have one room that has 2 outside walls and in the winter they will actually get mildew on them if we don't have a ceiling fan going all winter long! Not pretty, but not that bad, actually. They really do help with air flow and the one you showed looks quite nice.

  3. Wow Carol-Anne! I can't imagine having to use the fan in the winter. Though I do know that they are supposed to help keep things warmer, it would get far too cold in our house. :)


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