Monday, August 22, 2011


While I often daydream of traveling to many far away places, I am at my core, a homebody. There is nothing quiet as lovely as being at home. And not just at home, as in being in our house and garden, but there are some truly wonderful things right outside my doorstep! Who needs to travel very far when there are unique and wonderful things to do in your own hometown?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about home, not just the physical dwelling, but the outer area where the home is. Community, natural wonders, small businesses and those things that can only be found where you live.

In my home state we have some very unique features, including a land locked Great Salt Lake, which as it's name suggests is a salt water lake and a nice sized fresh water lake as well. My home state is full of natural wonders. For example, even though I adore visiting zoos and aquariums to see things we don't have here, we even have a fish, the June Sucker, that is found no where else in the world but Utah Lake! It's endangered right now, but people are working to help remedy that.

In our garden planning for spring, I want to learn more about native plants and their uses, and grow more of them. Or rather, let them grow naturally without my interference, as I can already see some that do VERY well (usually known by the name of "weed").

What is unique to your hometown? Are you a homebody, or are you more of a wanderer?

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  1. While I would love to someday have the opportunity to travel around the globe (or even around our country), I'm really a homebody at heart.


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