Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mummy Candle Holders

A fun and simple craft for Halloween! Simply take glass vases (you can find amazing deals on these at thrift shops, so many people get rid of them), gauze, googly eyes, and ModPodge or other adhesive (spray adhesive would work great) to create a fun mummy candle holder!

First, put the eyes on the vase. I used double stick tape to attach the eyes, knowing that the gauze would be going over parts of it to help hold them on. Also, since the vase wasn't flat, there was only a small part of the eye that could be attached to the vase. Tape was the simplest solution, though glue would be stronger if you plan to move them around a lot.

Next, start the gauze by attaching it to the vase with double stick tape on just one end. I started at the top of the vase and worked down to the bottom. With one end of gauze attached, start painting on the ModPodge, putting the gauze on top of it as you go. I like the look of some gauze over the eyes, but of course, this is your mummy! Make it how you like it!

Allow to dry completely, and then add a candle to the inside. I used LED candles inside of my mummys, which is really handy because you don't have to light them. You can find programmable LED candles that turn on at the same time each day (we got ours from Enjoy Lighting). I also tried a floating candle, which was really neat because you can create a different glow depending on how much water you add to each mummy.

Here is the finished product all lit up and looking spooky!


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