Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where you work.

Do you have a home office? A craft room? A dedicated space to work in? Or do you carve out any little space you can find?

In our home my husband and I both have offices, which is wonderful because we both do a lot of work from home. We had to share a space when we were first married, and it is much better that we now have our own spaces! I also have a laptop and can work from just about anywhere. My office space is also shared with our bird, so in reality, it's more her space than mine.
How do you work in your home? I have found that what I need most, and don't have, are long areas of desk space for doing things off of the computer. I have daydreams about configuring a future office to work much better. Here is an inspiration of how I would love my office to look:

Source: via Aimee on Pinterest

How do you work in your home?


  1. Two things... that office space is amazing! I am going to file it away for my future home. Second? That laptop sticker! Too much fun. I wish I had a laptop to put that on!

  2. The office is great, I have found some of the best ideas from pintrest for my future home!


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