Friday, May 11, 2012

Flowers at Temple Square

Sometimes it is a lot of fun to play tourist in a city that isn't too far from home. Yesterday I took a trip to the "big city" to take some photos for a project, and of course a trip to Salt Lake City in the spring would not be complete without a visit to Temple Square to see their flowers. Absolutely beautiful!

I also visited the new City Creek Center, which is an amazing shopping space full of high end shops (like Tiffany's) and loads of outdoor spaces to relax and chat with friends. It's really a beautiful shopping mall, if you ever visit SLC be sure to check it out.

And speaking of City Creek, there is a Restoration Hardware store there! Oh my head was filled with inspiration and the desire to spend loads of cash on things for our home (if only we had more space for new things).

What about you? Do you enjoy playing tourist? I love to do it, even in our own city.

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