Monday, April 18, 2011

Official Sheep Dog of Just Shorn!

Just Shorn creates beautiful Dabbieri carpet made with Just Shorn wool. They are based in New Zealand, but their carpet is in stores across the United States. I was lucky enough to see it in person at Alt. and am happy to share with you that Just Shorn is looking for their Official Sheep Dog!

Think of it a bit like Sheep Dog Idol! You can go and check out the dogs and cast a vote for your favorite. When you vote for your favorite sheep dog, you are entered to win a room full of Just Shorn carpet for your home (up to a $2500 value)! Pretty amazing prize right? Plus, you get to see some awesome dogs and handlers.

To learn more about Just Shorn, and to vote for your favorite sheep dog visit Which pooch will get your vote?

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